One-On-One Sessions

Whether you’re in a relationship or single, your sexual health and expression of your sexuality is important.


I’d love to work with you as you let go of the old and embrace your sexy side. As we work together we will look at your challenges and concerns, your desires for a different way of expressing yourself sexually.  I’ll help you learn new practices and ways of thinking about your body and your sexuality, improve communication skills, and create pleasure in your life.


It’s never too early or too late to want and to create a sexier, pleasure-filled life—at any age, any stage of life. Let’s do it!


Drop me a note and we’ll get started with a 15 minute free chat to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Speaking at your next conference or leading workshops

As a professional speaker my goal is to engage your audience through storytelling and humor to bring about transformation. Whether the topic is aging, sex and intimacy, relationships or caregiving I take on the difficult topics to help participants find solutions and new ways of approaching their lives.


I’ve been speaking and teaching for over 20 years and engaging with audiences ……. See if my most popular topics are a fit for your group. Or let’s talk about tailoring the message to fit your needs.


From the little girl who got reprimanded for talking too much in class to the young woman who spent a summer giving tours at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello to teaching adults about sex and relationships in later life I’ve been a lifelong speaker.


Let me help you plan your next meeting. My topics range from how to be a caregiver and medical advocate, to the ins and outs of online dating, reclaiming sexual desire,  and how to age with zest and purpose. Workshops tailored to the needs of your audience are possible as well.


How can we work together? You can reach me at walker[at]walkerthornton[dot]com.

Popular Topics


Acing our Transitions and Transformations

Transitioning from working to retirement, becoming a caregiver, experiencing a childfree home—each transition we go through can affect many aspects of our lives. Imagine reimagining your life so your days flow the way you want them to.

Attendees will be guided through exercises to inventory their current lives and explore intentional actions based on wishes and needs.


Ageism. Is it a thing in your life?

Ageism crops up in almost every aspect of our lives—and as we get older it becomes more problematic. Learn how ageist practices, language and other subtle things impact you personally. I’ll share resources on aging positively, and use statistics and stories to show both the problem and effective ways to shift ageist attitudes.

The talk also helps participants look at their own self-care and practices, with tips on how to deal with age-related issues in their own lives.


Self-care: Beyond the Pedi/Mani

What does it really mean to place self-care as a priority? It’s more than a relaxing day at the spa or dinner out with a good friend or partner.

Self-talk, positive, or negative thoughts, stressors and our relationships, to name a few, all impact how we take care of ourselves.

Let’s talk about the environment we desire and look at shifts we can take to bring about the change we want.


Aging unapologetically-how to embrace the lives we’re living now

This inspirational talk, for women over 45, or 50, helps audiences embrace the reality of who they are and the transformation that happens as they learn to love the older woman they are becoming.

Please note:

I am not a therapist or counselor. If I believe that you need to work with someone on a more extensive level, I will work with you to help find the right person.

It’s never too early or too late

 to create a sexier, pleasure-filled life.