Women’s Voices: As we lead, share our stories, explore the world

Women’s Voices: As we lead, share our stories, explore the world


Books have always held power for me, particular books sharing women’s voices. This year I’m reading books by women; books about women. I’m catching up on classics I’ve wanted to read for years; The Awakening by Kate Chopin, Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea, and journals by May Sarton. The books pictured above are my latest purchases.

The Pat Barker book retells the siege of Troy through the eyes of Aeneid’s sex slave–the logical choice after reading Madeline Miller’s Circe, with her emphasis again on the woman who played a minor role in Homer’s Odyssey. It’s refreshing to turn classic stories on their heads by creating a female-centric view of events.  At this point in time for me, both as a woman going through transition and in the America under trump, I feel an urgency for reading, sharing and cultivating strong female voices.

I’ve just finished Colette’s Cheri and After Cheri, in anticipation of seeing the movie about Colette. I love that she’s an older woman with sexual experiences to share.

Vivian Gornick has written about sex but in her new memoir she writes about walking the streets of the city–a new interest of mine as well. The theme of a woman exploring the world on her own terms appeals to me. We can now abandon the idea of being constrained by norms and “shoulds” about where we’re allowed to go. Women are pathfinders, trailblazers; we are modeling experiences for others to share in.

Part of my motivation is personal growth as well as a love of books. I’m working on a course offering for early 2019, with resources for women, which includes a suggested reading list relevant to the work we’ll be doing. This mastermind course is designed for women who are approaching life anew as they go through various life transitions. Inspired conversation, new ways of thinking about our lives, and inspiration to really step onto who you want to be.  We’ll be looking at expanding our lives, celebrating women’s voices, and our own desires. We’ll ask the question, Who am I?

  • cerise99
    Posted at 19:56h, 15 October Reply

    What a great course this will be. I am always seeking book recommendations and am noting these ones in my reading list. Thanks. Will your course be online? I’m a starter.

    • Walker
      Posted at 09:03h, 16 October Reply

      It will be done online and via email. Information will be coming later in November.

  • lisaweldon
    Posted at 10:55h, 18 October Reply

    I attended two book signings this week. One author is 82 (Valeria Rose by Alice Bingham Gorman), the other looks like she’s 55 or maybe older (Saving Bobby by Renee Hodges). Both published by SheWrites Press. Haven’t read either yet, but will let you know.

    • Walker
      Posted at 06:42h, 19 October Reply

      Do let me know, I’m always looking for books–not that I have enough time to read the ones I have. I’ll check them out.

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