Wanting Sexual Intimacy Should Not be a Stigma

Wanting Sexual Intimacy Should Not be a Stigma


I’m writing about Hot Octopuss and their products because it’s relevant to our world of sexuality, specifically male sexuality. We don’t often talk about male sex toys but they are as relevant to men as they are to women–so why aren’t we promoting them? (I may get a PULSE II at some point to review, but this is not a paid review.)  I’m pleased to be able to talk about this product and the company’s new campaign, #SexNotStigma. The focus of the campaign and their products is on erectile dysfunction–for men with age-related challenges, spinal cord injuries or illnesses that have rendered them impotent or unable to stimulate themselves.

Hot Octopuss has developed two sex toys for men. PULSE II Solo, for men and PULSE II Duo:

PULSE II DUO has been developed specifically with heterosexual couples in mind and is the first sex toy ever to incorporate two separate, independently-controlled, motors that aim to simultaneously satisfy the different stimulatory needs of both male and female partners.

The PULSE II was designed as a male sex stimulator for men with spinal cord injury. The penis is placed in the toy and with a remote control, it does the work of stimulating a man to ejaculation–with or without his having to manipulate the toy. It has been used successfully to help couples when mobility is an issue. The PULSE II Duo is designed with a second vibration center for the female partner.

The toy does not allow for full insertion of the penis into the vagina, but I think a little insertion is possible. Many times when couples are not able to enjoy the ‘typical’ sex, i.e. intercourse, there is a sense of loss. Couples may find other options, such as mutual masturbation or oral sex, to achieve sexual intimacy. With the couples version of this toy, both partners can achieve orgasm while in an intimate sex position.

I am eager to learn more about PULSE II and how it can work to add variety to sex play and provide a means to pleasure for those who face challenges.

Here’s the video that shows how the toy works, explained by the inventor. If you want to read more, you might look at PULSE for older users and therapeutic use.





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