Repeat Yourself: Say yes, again and again and again

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Repeat Yourself: Say yes, again and again and again

Repeat yourself.

Not, as some of us tend to do, in sharing the same story over and over…but in a way that says, “This, this moment, this thing, is worth replicating in my life.” So whether it’s great sex, a yummy recipe, a new walking path or even a lazy afternoon of reading or drawing, there are things that bear repeating.

To repeat is to practice. To practice is to continually experience the positives in our lives.

One of the places we reap the benefits of repeating ourselves is in communicating. Sharing our feelings or talking about what worked well is key to positive interactions. Since very few of us are mind readers it is important to tell someone when you like what they’re doing. It’s a really important skill in intimate relationships. When our partner does something that feels good we can assure it will be repeated by letting them know how wonderful it was.

We can layer or build on our pleasure by repeating a basic practice and adding something new. In painting you might lay down a base color or pattern that you enjoy—then add a splash of color, or a bold line.  Repeat one part—the part you like—then amplify, build up, or add something sparkly or tingly—some kind of surprise element.

Repeat yourself also speaks to presence and mindfulness. If we aren’t fully focused on what we’re doing we may overlook an element that brought the most pleasure or attention. So by paying attention, by being present and listening, or feeling or doing, we increase the possibility of a repeat performance.

Repeat yourself means trusting your intuition about what you’ve experienced. Knowing it will be as rich and exciting, powerful or satisfying as it was the first time.

In a world more attuned to all the things that go wrong it is refreshing to think about the power of repeating, and enjoying, our positive experiences. Sometimes it’s about making a product better.  Most of the time it is showing up for ourselves—giving ourselves permission to enjoy and benefit from an experience.

To get you inspired, here are a few things I plan to repeat:

  • The excitement of traveling to a new place.
  • Playing with a new way of painting over and over again until I find what I like.
  • Speaking my mind as often as it suits me.
  • Telling a partner what I liked and asking for it again.
  • Savoring yummy Irish chocolate cake with Guinness beer and a divine chocolate sauce.

And, more importantly, giving myself permission to have more of certain things. To stop thinking there are limits to joyful experiences.

Let’s remind ourselves that we can never get enough of good in our lives.


Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

  • Rena
    Posted at 11:27h, 01 March Reply

    I am happiest when I’m planning a vacation. The pleasure and anticipation are worth repeating over and over! I believe I enjoy that as much as I enjoy going!

    • Walker
      Posted at 11:35h, 01 March Reply

      Exactly. Isn’t it fun, and empowering, to be proactive in bringing joy into our lives?

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