Introducing—His Turn

Introducing—His Turn

Male SexualityWhen I started the conversation about male sex writers I had no idea that it would lead to more connections and conversations. Or that I might become so interested in the topic of male sexuality. In the last month or so I’ve had some wonderful conversations with men in the field of sexuality and men who wanted to talk about their personal lives. All of this has affirmed something I think I already knew.

Men experience the same emotions and insecurities, ups and downs, delights and desires, and moments of vulnerability as women. They have sexual questions similar to ours and they struggle to find a place for answers, or even a place where it feels safe to talk. We have more in common than not. We want to please our partners and we want to know if we’re doing a good job. We worry that we aren’t performing well enough or that we will be found lacking. Women worry about their bodies and to a lesser degree, so do men. And, we have similar delights and joys in expressing our love and our sexual selves.

Yet we still have this uncomfortable divide. Women who openly express desire for sex risk being called slutty. Men who express sexual desire are considered to be displaying typical ‘expected’ behavior–and we are comfortable with that until…somewhere, somehow, the line shifts and we fear men who talk too much about sex. We get squeamish and worry a little when men begin to talk openly about how they like sex, how they feel, and the more intimate details of their sex lives.

Let’s create a world where we can talk comfortably and openly about desire–male and female. Where the two parties can talk to each other about their own view of sex. I believe that the best sexual space is a shared space. And, with these thoughts in mind I have created this page, His Turn, to share and engage with my male readers. I will be brazen enough to say that maybe, under the roof of a female educator and writer, we can create the right environment for exploring male sexuality.

My pledge to you guys is that all articles will be sex-positive and male-positive. If you want to comment anonymously I’ll accept that. And, when it comes time to share and talk I welcome all voices. However, negative, blaming and critical comments will be deleted. You tell me what you want to read ( Every week, or two, I’ll share things I think are of interest- to invite conversation, create a spark, educate or simply amuse.

I’m excited. The best sex I’ve ever had occurs when both parties are sharing.

It’s His Turn now…


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  • Carol Cassara (@ccassara)
    Posted at 07:07h, 30 December Reply

    My first thought was “It’s ALWAYS “his” turn,” my second was “This should be interesting”
    …. is there no article today?

    • Walker
      Posted at 07:40h, 30 December Reply

      No article today…moving one step at a time here. There are many in the world of sexuality and sex writing who think, rightly so, that the field is dominated by women writers–writing about women and sex. His Turn will be a step towards balancing that idea a little.

  • Chris
    Posted at 12:51h, 01 January Reply

    Ms. Thornton, I enjoy, very much, reading your posts. I read, often, various other sexuality-oriented websites…Keep up your good work. I enjoy your someone quite close to your age…and a male..and single. Living in the small town/rural area such as I do, people don’t talk, out in the open, or discuss topics such as the many and various aspects of sex and pleasure etc. Me, I almost want to create a fake facebook acct….to “friend” a lot of the people I read about…

    • Walker
      Posted at 13:31h, 01 January Reply

      Thank you. I am so glad that you’ve found the website and that it feels a need. I’m always tickled to find that I have male readers–let me know what you want to see here- – and we’ll keep the conversation going out!

  • Interesting Man
    Posted at 10:20h, 08 January Reply

    I’d like to contribute. Do I simply start writing here? What do you think your readership would want to read:
    1. the challenge a man faces when his woman says, “Ravage me”?
    2. a steamy story from a man’s perspective starting with the cork coming out of the wine bottle?
    3. the changes a man experiences when his body goes from 20 to 40 to 60?

    • Walker
      Posted at 10:41h, 08 January Reply

      The procedure for submitting a guest post, which I am considering adding (currently, I rarely take guest writers), is to send me a letter stating what you want to write, your qualifications, if it’s something educational, etc….I don’t publish erotica. I’ll let you know from there what I’m looking for and how to proceed.
      I invite you to reach me through the Contact page or at My primary goal is to share information and foster conversations about some of the topics I write on, or those suggested by my readers. The title, His Turn, may be a little misleading as I’m not creating this page as a site for men to write here on my website.

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