Inviting Desire, A Guide for Women Who Want to Enhance Their Sex Life

Inviting Desire is now available!

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Inviting Desire, A Guide for Women Who Want to Enhance Their Sex Life, is your guide to creating a sexier, more alive, and in touch you—at midlife and beyond. It features matter-of-fact, open conversations about sex and sexuality that reflect the reality of midlife women. Using a 30-day format, each day focuses on a topic, using writings, images, and exercises to help women experience pleasure. You’ll explore self-care, sexual health, learning to ask for what you want, and more. Inviting Desire teaches you to enhance awareness of your body and embrace your sexuality. Walker Thornton has crafted a book to give you tools for a more sexually satisfying life.


Chapters/Days include:

  • Visualizing Yourself as a Sexual Being
  • Owning Your Sexuality
  • You Can Be Sexual and Single
  • The Sexy ToolKit
  • What If You’re No Longer Having Sex?
  • Learning to Ask for What You Want
  • Planning for Pleasure

What people are saying about Inviting Desire:

There is a wealth of information between the sassy pink covers of Inviting Desire, and there’s something for every woman – from demure shrinking violets to the loud-‘n-proud exhibitionists . .. and everyone in between.

Valerie Albarda of Midlife-A-Go-Go

It’s easy to lose sight of the pleasures of desire and how satisfying it is to want to be touched. What I like about Thornton’s book is that doesn’t go through the lengthy psychological rationales for the assignments–she could, but she doesn’t. She gets right to the most helpful stuff and her book simply presents how-tos in a clear and effective format.

Miacara, on Amazon

At this time in our lives, Thornton offers us a way through the fog; she is the new non-fiction Nin, with a goal to help older women thoroughly explore imagination, language, thoughts and physicality. The main character? Ourselves.

Liz Scherer, Medium

Meet the author, Walker Thornton
People ask me how I got into the field of sexuality and my answer is more of a rambling tale than a simple answer. Post-divorce dating in my early 50s, combined with trying to negotiate sex and find a way to talk about the changes in life I was experiencing–divorce, middle age, menopause, and a sudden job change. As I began writing more openly about dating and sex (after 20 some years of marriage) I kept hearing from other women, and some men, who also felt challenged by the process. Many of them lacked knowledge about sex and sexuality, some had questions but were uncomfortable expressing them, and some had just shut down. I began to use my writing skills and my personal knowledge as well as previous professional training to look at what makes midlife sexuality unique. The book arose from my many interactions with readers as well as my own quest to have more fun in my own life.


Inviting Desire is written from a heterosexual perspective but is relevant to most individuals who want to awaken their sexuality. My general audience hovers in the 45-65 year old range, however the idea of opening ourselves to our own sexual needs, learning how to express our wants and needs, and find ways to joyfully express one’s sexual needs is relevant to individuals of all ages.